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drawing and painting

for elderly



Art is for young and old!


We love it to draw and paint with elderly and we offer lessons and workshops with lots of attention and personal assistance.

With – or without painting experience, experience the fun and relaxation of painting!
Staying active is very import, because rust rests, so putting the brain creatively to work has a positive effect on anyone, especially for people with dementia. The supply of the painting workshops is diversely and there are a lot of techniques possible, for everyone what he wants!
A couple of our workshops of our workshops: portrait painting, the making of collage/art-cards, painting abstract with a palette knife/rollers/pullers (your own choice or input)

For a half day, or just a few hours.
This is at location (and soon at our studio/atelier).
We take care of all the materials.
You don’t have to think about anything, we will do that for you!

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