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children's party


Feel like a party? You're at the right place!


workshop action painting!

with tractors, rollers and liquid paint, you are happy to make a beautiful work of art! Every child will receive a 50x50cm canvas with them.

Price € 22.50 per child. (10% discount from 8 children)


Workshop Art gang:

Send in a digital photo per child and they will make an art portrait of their own picture with drawing / painting on an A3 sheet of paper.

Price € 27.50 per child. (10% discount from 8 children)

... and in between we of course cake with lemonade and there is time for an eventual present moment. They can decorate that cake themselves or opt for choux cake! (Cheerfully decorated tower with 30 choux cakes, extra cost € 5).

This whole party lasts about 2 hours and is of course under professional but nice guidance in our inspiring art house.

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