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art classes

teenagers age from 13 years

Are you interested in art and like to be creative?


Then workshop ART class is the right place for you…here you can create full-fledged works of art with fun!


There is no must, but we do teach you how to watch, which stimulates your creativity and allows you to draw and paint from fantasy. You choose your own subject; can be a portrait, landscape or abstract drawing or painting. With (color) pencil, charcoal, chalk, watercolor or acrylic paint on paper, cardboard or canvas you learn to make colors, shapes and compositions. 


The lessons are supported by a piece of art / fine arts and design.

Age: from 13 -21 years

Size: min. 5 and max. 8 persons

Lesson duration: 8 lessons of 1.5 hours

Thursday 26/05/2024,  4.30 pm - 6 pm

Price: 152,- euros incl. Materials and drinks / sweets.

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Children from families with minimal financial resources are also eligible. Do not hesitate to submit an application for help to the Leergeld foundation if you cannot pay ART class, you qualify faster than you think


drawing and


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